PPL has great pride in the certainty that transmission poles provided by us are delivered to specification on time every time.

Selected by hand from our sister company Rundvirke Skog from the swedish forests above the 60 degree north line ensures a quality, fully compliant product.

Super stout H poles are matched on our 25mtr solid butted bench and fabricated to your specification ensuring mm accuracy of drillings.

We fabricate upper and lower template steelĀ  to your specification and fit temporality to each pole ensuring full compliance prior to treatment. This guarantees the pole to be square and ensures a safer and faster installation on the open hillside.

Treated poles are banded in pairs thenĀ  Pre-Slung at our facility ensuring no handling between factory and your site.

Each pole is labelled with its own individual weight to assist with lifting plans. circuit name, pole number along with any specific required information can be added to the label to ensure full traceability of the Asset.

PPL has the capability to manage multi drop and lifting points along a circuit to ensure build efficiency.