Distribution poles are the bread and butter of our organization. Our sister company Rundvirke Skog buys entire Scots Pine, Red wood forests beyond the 60 degree North line in Sweden to accommodate this.

We supply Distribution poles to any length and in the standard three grades of Stout, Medium and Light. Fabrications can be bespoke to customers specific requirements.

From this sustainable and plentiful stock we ensure only the best trees are selected for Distribution pole use.

To ensure strong environmental  compliance and future demand continues to be met  we plant  3 trees are for every one taken into the supply chain.

Making sure we are environmentally kind to the local area we only cut these trees during November and March and then only when sufficient frost penetrates the forest floor making sure no damage is encountered.

We believe the strongest part of the tree is the ground line and will only ever measure a pole length from this point.

Each pole is prepared using a mixture of the human eye to ensure straightness and sweep and to ensure all other aspects of compliance are met in the customers specification. The majority of fabrication is then carried out by a semi automated process.

Warm Creosote oil is drawn into the wood using a vacuum process ensuring the whole of the sap wood is treated through to the heart wood where the tree cell structure allows. This process gives a predicted pole life of greater than 40 years.

We recover any unused heat back into a CHP plant on site to produce Heat and Hot Water  for the local area.

Our supply chain can then deliver either by the ship or lorry load to our distribution centres around the world.

Having perfected this process over many years large volumes of poles can be procured in minimum timescales.