At PPL we know the pole alone can be only part of the installation.

Having over 100 years of staff knowledge in the industry we know what gets fitted to poles and who our customers buy other products from.

PPL have relationships with the same companies and we can competitively offer to supply;

  • Asset tagging, recording and updating using 3D Matrix systems
  • H Pole Bracings matched to specific poles and delivered together as one unit.
  • Cable box coffins for protecting High Voltage cables.
  • Cable Cleats and Cable Back boards
  • Treated Pole Plugs for unused drillings
  • A complete range of treated wooden brace blocks to ESI standard
  • Treated wooden stay blocks to ESI Standard
  • Foundation Galvanized steel work
  • Galvanized M20 nuts, bolts and washers to meet customers’ needs
  • Barrier Creams
  • PPE