Telegraph poles, generally of lighter dimension, are treated in accordance with current national standards and are sourced from sustainable forests in Sweden beyond 60 degrees latitude.

Only the best trees measured from the ground line are submitted for Telegraph Pole fabrication.

All of our poles are treated with creosote oil using the Bethell process to ensure a predicted life of 40 years is met.

Surplus heat from the process is recovered to an onsite CHP plant to provide heat and hot Water to local establishments.

We work along side European leaders to ensure full environmental compliance at all times in all we do and we work with customers to meet their specifications as a minimum requirement.

Every telegraph pole is manually inspected before shipment from Sweden and again prior to dispatch from our holding centres in the UK

PPL have a zero tolerance on bleeding or leaching poles and should any be found within the supply chain they will be replaced on a like for like return basis.

Telegraph poles can be supplied in light medium or stout grade to any length.